Brent & West Texas Intermediate / Crude oil CFD

We also provide two contracts for difference of crude oil with the world’s largest liquidity- Brent and West Texas, you can realize in our diversified platform:


 Transact the latest three months contracts


 Single big order is up to 5M bucket


 Close out two kinds of crude oils with one click, and hedge the dealing tickets


 ECN direct trading, perfectly supports arbitrage trading and quantitative trading


 Position inventory cost is as low as 1 standard contract 1$


 The required margin is performed according to the international standard specifications, you can hold a standard contract with a few hundred dollars           


Trading crude oil on Tri is similar to foreign exchange trading: traders on the MT4 platform can purchase/sell corresponding goods to carry out type trading operations on Forex.


Crude Oil


Lowest spread

Contract value (A Lots)(1手)

Highest Leverage

Trading Time







West Texas Intermediate







Brent crude oil market in GMT is open for trade at all hours except from 18:30 to 07:00


West Texas Intermediate crude oil market in GMT is open for trade at all hours except from 21:00 to 22:00

If you are looking for investment opportunities in crude oil trading, you can start with transactions as low as 0.01 hand to ensure a low risk factor. Crude oil trading is like Forex trading, allowing short selling on market orders, limiting orders, and setting up profit only and stop-loss.