Global monetary trading market, commonly known as foreign exchange (FX), is one of the world’s largest trading markets. There are a lot of advantages which does not exist in the stock market for investment institutions and individual investors to trade in the global money market. These advantages include:


Profit opportunities at any moment


Trading around 24 hours every day


Extremely low trading cost


Profit gained from currency appreciation or depreciation


Leverage trading – obtain higher profit returns with a small amount of initial funding


The high volatility in the money market creates rich profits for activist investors Read more



Precious Metal

The high price of precious metal spot transaction is no longer any question, you may obtain the unprecedented advantages on TRI diversified platform:


The minimum transaction supports 0.01


Up to 500 times leverage, reach the transaction size you want with a small amount of money as well


Diversified trading methods, make profit only with correct prediction


STP direct trading, avoid high- risk opening traders’ worries about finance safety


Adjust leverage and control trading risk independently


Trading hours lasting 23 hours per day Read more





Crude Oil

We also provide two contracts for difference of crude oil with the world’s largest liquidity- Brent and West Texas, you can realize in our diversified platform:


Transact the latest three months contracts


Single big order is up to 5M bucket


Close out two kinds of crude oils with one click, and hedge the dealing tickets


STP direct trading, perfectly supports arbitrage trading and quantitative trading


Position inventory cost is as low as 1 standard contract 1$


The required margin is performed according to the international standard specifications, you can hold a standard contract with a few hundred dollars Read more Read more


Index Futures

When you have good judgment about the overall situation of each country’s economic fundamentals, the trading of stock index is obviously the most direct way to make profit,

While our diversified platform is particularly suitable for index futures traders:


Cover indexes of all financial centers


Extremely low margin


Enlist immediate economic news broadcast around the world


Support retail and minimum 0.01contract


Suitable for each cycle traders


Get rich returns by predicting the current trend Read more