Join the Tri family

Tri’s family welcomes all enterprises and individuals who hope for develop in the financial sector. Tri’s understanding of cooperation is akin to family – helping each other and growing together, happily spending every day, month, and year together.


If you have an initial interest in our program of cooperation, Tri invites you to take the first step towards cooperation by filling in your basic information in the form below, including your preferred method of cooperation and communication. We will consider your needs and conduct you as soon as possible to conduct negotiations.


After registering successfully, you will immediately receive the “Agent Office” registration permissions. By yourself or with the help of our staff, you can improve your personal information and submit a formal “cooperation agreement”.


After the “Cooperation Agreement” is in effect, we will immediately activate your “Customer Registration invitation link” and give you access to our “Agent Office” functions. You will then be assigned a IB team who will provide you with 24-hour service and support.