Wonderful experience

Trading experience is a comprehensive user experience consisted with various factors. Open interest rate of trading orders, trading fairness, stability of trading platform, spread change, scheduling efficiency funds, vulnerability prevention, customer support and background support will bring about subjective or objective effects to all trading of investors. While, open interest rate of trading orders, trading fairness, stability of trading platform and spread change are paramount.

Tri as an expert company, it can provide customer support and technical support for many platforms. So that it will know advantages, disadvantages of the company. Trading services that we provide are through real tests for thousands of times and then we conclude the optimization programs from various experience feedback. Customers will realize various propaganda and APPs of trading software, but Tri is doing more and more. Through real practices of investors, they will experience it and we also hope all investors will give us advanced suggestions. Because our life bases are for improving and enhancing users experience and do large numbers users feedback. While, it is not attracting investors by ways of excess propaganda or large-scale sponsorship.

Open interest rate of trading orders

- – -Are you wrong in the price option of pressing order button, but it still shows order processing and then you must wait it within several seconds?

- – -Are you loss in the price that you press the open interest after you gained profits, but it cannot connect or still be in order processing?

- – -Are you being dealt by delay when the market direction is obvious that you want to conceal orders disadvantageous for you?

- – -Are you so indissoluble, angry and helpless for this, and are you always doubting your trading platform is for internet gambling?

I will tell you that trading volume is the lifeblood whatever you are market business or STP platform. So you do not need to be fussed.
But Tri is a real STP platform.
In Tri, all things that do not have before will come true. Only if you lost connection with our servers, 99.8% orders will be dealt within millisecond.


Trading fairness

- – -Are you withdrawals by trading business for your beneficial empty?

- – -Are you be informed trading violations after profits and you are withdrawing money?

- – -Are you abhorring the current slippage mechanism, especially it has gaps with no slippage?

- – -Are you very strange that it will have slippage only for loss, but the profit slippage has rare?

- – -Are you still loss when every order is processing but you can not save it?

- – -Are you pressing the wrong option that you extent it to be loss, but market has no emergencies?

- – -Are you having the feeling that you are disadvantageous for opening and closing of the interest every time?

This is not a special case and also it is not an illusion
But Tri is a real STP platform.
In Tri, all things never happened. Because Tri has no before, now and in the future. They will have no “participant” orders with traders. They will do not know what is trading widget.


The stability of trading platform

Tri will never push customers to trade by unreal discourse. All platforms will not hope they have a low stability, or even disconnection. Because all platforms will do not know the price will be higher in the future. While, trading volume is the paramount profit index of all platforms. Whereas, all platforms are not equal to engines room, internet experts or even experts in solving trading stability. If you want to achieve stability, a large numbers of personnel and money should be invested. As for donating a famous advertisement and investing the same money to guarantee the platform stability of the platform, most platforms will choose advertisements. But Tri, survival and development foundation are basis for promoting and enhancing users experience and large numbers of customers feedback. It will not abstract customers by over propaganda and sponsors. Now, our trading platform has implemented for 17 months. Last time, the serer disconnection is on 13th, Jan of 2015. The reason is the unfortunate breakpoints of computer room and the server SSDs of the spare room will not make server to be transferred. The disconnection time is 13 minutes and 26 seconds.


Spread change

- – -Did you notice that there are large differences between your trading platform and others?

- – -Did you notice that why deficit point will suddenly be board?

- – -Did you doubt why the deficiency will be broad for the rare flow in Merry Christmas? While non-agricultural flow still need to be extended?

I will tell you that spread change is lives for all platforms and the highest secret
But Tri is not only a STP platform, it is a STP platform that can not be modified.
In Tri, explorations will be never found again. That’s because he will not do some false things forever.


Scheduling efficiency funds

- – -Have your money credited into account has exceeded the average length arrival when there has dangers in single transaction?

- – -Have you ever been informed to be no longer popular after a long-term profitability and withdrawal speed is getting slower and slower?

- – -Have you ever been informed to be delayed in withdrawal after withdrawal notification, and the result is that the withdrawal has yet to come?

- – -Have you ever found between the exchange rate and charges already higher than your monthly income after deposit?

You should get that withdrawal and deposit need several sections to confirm for most channels.
But Tri,it is not only STP platform, but an STP platform without checking clients’deal history.
In Tri, successful deposit promptly arrives in your account. At the marked time point, withdrawal can be gotten instantly. Because we will never care about your profit or loss, never detain clients by entry or exist mechanism, no matter in the past, the present or the future.


Slit Prevention

- – -Have you experienced your dealer suddenly went bankrupt, though you always obey the regulations?

- – -Have you experienced your platform put off all of your withdrawal while you trusted it a lot?

- – -Have you experienced the platform took mistakes to quote a price leading to the 0 profit based on your accurate dealing strategy analysis?

- – -Have your experienced your got a profitable dealing but the platform interrupted to show a surprising price?

I must tell you that only few platforms close due to awful management. What results in huge loss of platforms are usually because of dealing lit, thus all of the investors’ finance problems are caused.
But Tri, it is more than an STP platform, it is an STP platform without any slip.
In Tri, we have a great many risk controllers to monitor and prevent dealing slips in the past, present and future, but not to care about your orders in normal dealing state.


Customer Service Support

- – -Have you experienced that you had product but it brought loss to you owing to lack of customers’ professional reply?

- – -Have you experienced your little knowledge on leverage and cash fund dealing rules leading to close out by the dealing software?

- – -Have you experienced that as you were in need of service, the customer servants’ displayed the state of busy of offline?

- – -Have you experienced you intended to learn more while the customer servants knew less than you?

As a matter of fact, most platform customer servants are new-comers.
But Tri, it is more than an STP platform, it is such an STP platform than has been involving in sever-year’s customer service outsourcing.
In Tri, our client servants are 7*24*365 online. We can compete with any professional managers in major knowledge.


Back-office Support

- – -Did you experience that you know little about the activities your attended?

- – -Did you experience that your suffered from closing without any reason?

- – -Did you experience you uploaded your information but you must wait for the reply?

- – -Did you experience that you took the gift money but you got no idea where it was?

- – -Did you experience that you suffered from huge loss due to no idea about the current marketing risk?

I’m sorry to tell you that most of platforms only care about the number of new customers.
But Tri, it is more than an STP platform, it is such an STP platform that put emphasis on old customers but not new ones.
In Tri, the back-office supporters will keep in touch with customers by short messages, E-mail and other possible means. What’s more, all of the communication is in Chinese for China’s clients.



Are you doubting of all of the above just ads? Or you really don’t know what we are telling? To tell you the truth, we are stating the fact. Only practice can testify the truth. Welcome you to invest 10 dollars to check it! If you find any lie, you may screenshot to criticize us. If you do not join us, please never be skeptical of that, you may close this webpage.