Lower fixed pips
Fixed pips at less 1.2pips
Tri can provide very competitive indices because our flexibility comes from cooperating with 70 different calculating organizations and banks that are renowned in the market and strictly implement fair Forex trade. Because MT4 can display 5-digit accuracy, you can receive an index of 1.2 instead of 2.
MetaTrader 4
Turbo MT4 provide Real-time transaction with No re-quotes
MetaTrader 4 is a revolutionary Forex trading platform. MetaTrader4 offers continuous and up-to-date pricing, user friendly interface, comprehensive graphs and charts, customizable screen interface, and the ability to watch multiple currencies. As such, it has become the world’s most popular trading terminal.
Maximum Leverage
Free adjusted maximum of approximately 500:1 leverage
The judicious use of leverage to gain greater financial credit. Tri starts from a leverage of 100:1 and can provide a maximum leverage of up to 500:1.
No dealer
No re-quotes. Straight Through Processing
No Dealing Desk (NDD) refers to entering the interbank market through order confirmations rather than through traders. NDD has no re-quotes and no verification delays. Our straight-through processing (STP) is NDD, because it sends commands directly from the client to the banking system. The fluidity of our banking system allows us to help customers submit orders immediately.